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Author: MisterJB
Title: The Lion of the North and the Warrior of the West.
Characters: Miria x Rigardo, Isley/Priscilla


Summary: Can a broken hearted Claymore love an Awakened Being? And can an Awakened Being feel any kind of love at all? Maybe together they can discover it. Miria x Rigardo


This is neither my first fanfiction nor my longest. However, it is the one I’m  most proud of.

So, I hope you can all enjoy it and comments would be greatly appreciated.



Three chapters are already done and I’m almost finishing two more and interlude. I got some comments that Rigardo was too soft so I'm trying to work on that.


Do post the new chapters soon, I enjoyed reading this so far. You've got efficient dialogue and plenty of feeling; I'm interested to see how the conflict in Rigaldo and Marias thoughts will affect their actions, and how the characters develop, along with what Isley's going to think of Rigaldo's feelings.

Making Rigaldo soft would be a hazard when he's not chopped Maria in half already; I think that he can like her, while still being cruel and vicious, he certainly see the relationship as a battle, but you can go even further than that. Maria's character is fine, she's a real fighter.

You gave me a few pointers in this story for my own Miria/Rigaldo fic, so thanks for that as well.
Thank you for your review.

I appreciate it

Oh my! I hadn't checked this comm in awhile...

...and this is very cool! You wrote some Miria x Rigardo! I think I love you, writer you. It's just rare for me to see this written and I personally think you did a very nice job! To echo some of your critiques, sure, Rigardo isn't as 'savagely' displayed, but in this scenerio, it works well indeed. Very well. It is after all, FANfiction and your ability to write the pair is quite impressive.

We hope to read more of this storyline! Don't give up!

Re: Oh my! I hadn't checked this comm in awhile...

Thank you very much fo yor review. It is very appreciated.

Yes, the Miria x Rigardo fanfiction is severely lacking stories. Fortunately, it seems that the numbers of writers interested in this ship is rising.
I thnk we're 4 now.

oh wow! took you forever to reply to me. XDDD

just teasing you!

You're welcome. I think, personally people tend to enjoy pairings that are well-written, but it does help if the ship is very appealing. ;D

You definitely need to update yours.

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