Author: MisterJB
Title: The Lion of the North and the Warrior of the West.
Characters: Miria x Rigardo, Isley/Priscilla


Summary: Can a broken hearted Claymore love an Awakened Being? And can an Awakened Being feel any kind of love at all? Maybe together they can discover it. Miria x Rigardo


This is neither my first fanfiction nor my longest. However, it is the one I’m  most proud of.

So, I hope you can all enjoy it and comments would be greatly appreciated.


Three chapters are already done and I’m almost finishing two more and interlude. I got some comments that Rigardo was too soft so I'm trying to work on that.

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Hi to you all. I'm MisterJB, new here.

I stumbled upon this space by chance and the perspective of Claymore fanfiction interested me imediatelly.

I write for a hobby (even tough I'm not very good) and I'll upload some of my fics as soon as I learn how to do it properly.


Author: Sharikqah
Title: King
Ratings: PG-13
Characters: Raki x Miria (Implied)/ Priscilla
Warnings: NIL
Word Count: 1785

Summary: The war against the Organization might be over, but for one latecomer to the war, the battle to save survivors has just begun. Written for a prompt by Tempest35 on Animesuki. Posted in Proximity on

(Has the King chosen his new queen?, she asks)


submit to me

Since I've made a lot of new fanfictions lately, or updated some. And this place needs some more claymore fics.

Title: Submit to Me
Author: kirikoneko
Word Count: 2,519
Warnings: Violence/Gore, Language, Sexual Themes, Ideologically Sensitive
Series: Claymore
Summary: Riful is having a terribly off day with Dauf's discouraging behavior, and then the most annoying claymore has to show up. A great way to make things worse, but it brings her new ideas to make them awaken. (Riful & Galatea)

( ) or ( deviantArt )

If going to dA there are two parts to the story, so you must search into the gallery for the second part.


Ballad of the Broadsword

Decided that this community needs some new material. It's a bit of a shame that a community meant for Claymore fanfiction hasn't been used in almost a year.

Title: Ballad of the Broadsword
Author: sharikqah
Ratings: PG-13
Warnings: NIL (But if you're anti-Raki, reading this might cause you to puke)
Word Count:
Raki returns to his hometown, gets confronted by a Claymore and, despite her claims of his madness, explains the reason for his persistence. Claymore poetry, written epic-style. Includes some manga spoilers.

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If it was either unbearable or worth the read, I'd like to know why - so please comment.



Title: Dogfighting
Author: sharikqah
Rating: PG13
Warnings: NIL
Word Count: 2638
Summary: Personal accomplishments and failures alike are selective portions of memory: a short story on how Jean might have obtained her Drill Sword technique. (1st POV. Jean).

This was written after a long day at school, and I was experimenting with "writing from the inside out" - writing one line at a time without any plot or character development. The result is a ficlet (sort of) which is hard to summarize because it doesn't fall under a single event or theme, but just held together by the 1st POV. It will not be continued and neither will be posted on my account on This fic was the product of pure, unrestrained experimentation. And that's that.

The 1st POV is influenced by a story Mikke wrote about Jean on Animesuki, and by F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, which I was reading prior to writing the fic.

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Hello all. A newbie to this community: I found this place while surfing the net for Claymore fics. Which are few & hard to find. Because I'm an infrequent user to Livejournal, I'll try to post as often as I can - although most of my stuff is already on

A link for those who're interested: I wrote some Claymore-inspired poetry, and posted it on the Claymore Project forums. I update there once a week at least. I post under the name shelter. Not sure if the rules allow me to post non-prose written stuff here though, so that's why I'm linking it.